Income Report for February 2013

There was a steady rise in stock photo sales for the income report for February 2013.

Okay, so one more sale this month.  But hey?  It’s a start.  I sold a total of 28 stock photos this month.  There are seasons in life where you can devote a lot of time to building your business and then there are those months where your priorities and focus are elsewhere.  This was such a month for me.

The top stock photo seller this month was once again the Apple Streusel Pecan Muffins.  See the recipe here.

Whole wheat apple pecan muffins - Income report

Amazing.  It was one of my first photos accepted and has done really well to date.  This shows me the importance of food photos in my portfolio which I want to build upon.

The other top sellers (tied for second place) were once again the vegetable platter:

Platter of vegetables - income report

and then a new one, my daughter standing on a pile of logs:

girl standing on logs - income report

I think it’s good to see the trends in stock photography but also to take what you love.  You never know what people and businesses are looking for and what they are in need of.  I know that if we put our family first, the rest will fall into place.  Here are the numbers!

Income Report for February 2013:

Shutterstock:  $8.63

CreateSpace:  $20.96

Total Income for February 2013: $29.59

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