Income Report January 2013

January 2013’s Income Report shows continued book sales and a steady increase in stock photo sales even though the total amount is smaller (27 total photos sold).

It’s expected that the older a book gets, the less sales you will have, so I’m not surprised by the decrease in sales. The opposite seems true for the stock photos. I still have old photo sales and am continuing to add new photos to Shutterstock.

The top stock photo sale for this month was actually a photograph of my son playing his guitar.

boy playing guitar - income report

Whenever you submit a photograph of a person you need to include a signed model release from the individual if they are an adult or from a parent. This has been a show stopper for many stock photographers. I have asked clients in the past and the majority of them are not comfortable signing a model release. That said, you never know unless you try.

One surprising trend this month with the stock photos was the diversity of sales. Some food, some places, some people… It seemed pretty spread out for the most part. The second main sale was once again the blueberry muffin photo.

Platter of blueberry muffins - income report

I find the food sales trend very interesting and look forward to seeing where it takes me!

Income Report for January 2013:

Shutterstock: $6.75

CreateSpace: $22.46

eBook sales: $9.95

Total Income for January 2013: $39.16

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