Income Report March 2013

Honestly, March 2013’s income report shows that sales are down and it’s okay:)  The surprising thing this month was the top stock photo sale.  It was of an outdoor movie theater.

Drive in movie theater - income report

I remember going to an outdoor drive-in movie theater when I was a little girl with my dad.  The speaker didn’t work very well and there were 10 of us in a large van trying to see the screen.  Most of us went outside to watch.  I loved laying down on the grass looking up at the big movie screen and falling asleep halfway through the movie.  Those were the days!  Here’s to sodas, lazy summer nights, and time with family.

Income Report for March 2013:

Shutterstock:  $7.07

CreateSpace:  $20.96

Total Income for March 2013:  $28.03

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