Joy Amidst the Storms

Lake Atitlan Guatemala - Finding Joy Amidst Storms #homebakedjoy

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma (not to mention Katia and Jose), I have been doing a lot of thinking and pondering about our day and age. With all of this destruction and chaos, how can we possibly find joy? I have several close friends who have been affected or who will be affected. I truly believe that we are in the last days before the Second Coming of the Savior, Jesus Christ. These storms and afflictions will only get worse prior to His coming. Yet, I have seen the greatest side of humanity these past few weeks. People helping people, helping hands lifting the broken hearted and succoring the weak of body and spirit. I am humbled by what I have seen and have shed many tears of joy as well as sorrow.

So how can we find joy amidst the storms of life?  Tragedy befalls all of us.  Some tragedies are outward while others are hidden within the quiet chambers of our hearts.  I have found in my life several sources of comfort.

One is through the scriptures.  As I read daily from my scriptures I am blessed with more faith and hope.  Another source of comfort comes through prayer.  When Dave recently had his surgery I felt the prayers from so many on his behalf.  Prayer has gotten me through some of the darkest abysses of my life.  The next source of comfort actually brings me great joy.  Service.  When we get out of our comfort zone and serve others, our own storms and trials seem much smaller.  The last source of joy I want to talk about is the source of all joy.  Knowing who I am and in whom I put my trust is my greatest source of Joy.

I wrote a song about the Second Coming of the Savior and put it into a slide show.  I hope it brings comfort to those who may watch it and reminds us of why were are here and what we need to be doing.  For all my friends who may be suffering at this time, know that you are not alone.  With the help of the Savior, we can weather these storms together.

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