Income Report 2013 with graphs

I’ve decided to do an annual income report for 2013, 2014, and 2015 as it is taking too much time to do back log. I will then do monthly income reports for 2016+.

2013 was a year of growth in many respects, especially with the stock photos.  I almost hit 100 sales (95 to be exact) in a month for the first time in November, which was exciting.  Some months, like May, I had a single use download which boosted profit.

Here is the May photo of the frog dissection:Frog dissection - income report

I received $13.60 profit for this photo.  Other months were all monthly subscription downloads, which went for 25 cents a piece profit.  Not much, but a start.

Here is a graph showing an income to total number of photos ratio.  As you can see, the more photos sold equals more profit, but that profit is not the same in all months based upon what kind of download was purchased for my stock photos.

Shutterstock Income Graph photos sold vs. income 2013

I also made a graph showing the total sources of income for 2013:

Income Report for 2013

The INCOME REPORT for 2013 is as follows (look at the table above to see a breakdown of where the income came from):

January – $29.21

February – $29.59

March – $28.03

April – $16.71

May – $30.81

June – $46.06

July – $13.37

August – $34.83

September – $12.62

October – $24.44

November – $52.99

December – $84.01

TOTAL 2013 SALES:  $431.89

While that’s not a ton of money and certainly not an income you can live off of, it’s not bad all things considered and there is definitely an upward trend in the stock world.

***NOTE:  I did NOT include income from my freelance photography work.  I may choose to do so in later reports.***

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