01 January 2016 Income Report

Here is the income report for January 2016.  My biggest source of income this month was through Shutterstock.  January is typically a slow month for stock photo sales.  While meager, you can see that I have had substantial growth each consecutive January over the past five years.  In fact, this January I had the most photos sold in one month EVER at 217 photos sold.  I look forward to seeing where I can grow from here.  Slow and steady wins the race!Shutterstock sales for January last 5 years

Shutterstock photos sold January last 5 years

Ever thought about earning money selling your photos?  Shutterstock is a great place to start!  You have to get 7 out of 10 images accepted, but once you are in, you are in!

In addition to my Shutterstock sales, I have started to increase my pool of stock photography agencies and wanted to mention them in this income report.  I have been a member of Dreamstime and Fotolia for some time now, but put most of my effort into Shutterstock.  I have now hired my daughter to help me upload and submit photos to the other stock agencies.  I only choose photos that have already been accepted to Shutterstock to make it easy for her.  I find that it is a good filter for the other agencies, though not always at 100% acceptance, though mostly.  Also, this past year I was accepted to iStock.  This proved to be a little bit more difficult to get accepted to, but since I’ve been in I have had a lot of success getting images approved though it takes a long time for the approval process.  I am excited to see where iStock (Getty Images) takes me.  I also recently joined Mostphotos.  With Mostphotos, there is no approval process.  Simply upload your image, hit submit, and it is live!  It’s a nice way to get your name out there and to venture into the world of stock.  I am not including the income from these agencies in the final income report because in most cases you need at least $100 to get paid, and I didn’t want to count it as income until I am actually paid.  That said, I will report my balances to date:

Dreamstime:  $62.74

iStock:  $20.73

Fotolia:  $2.90


Another source of income that I am looking to get is from Ads on this blog.  In January I generated a total of $17.03 from Google AdSense.  Again, I am not including this in the total report as I don’t get paid from Google until I have reached $100 in total ad sales.  I have also started ads from Swoop, Host Monster Affiliate, Amazon Affiliate, and Food Blogger Pro to help generate income as well as to help promote products I believe in.  We will see what comes of it!  Thanks for your support in helping support this blog and our economy!  I have great hope that referral programs will help improve my income as well as help promote great products and services.

The other sources of income I had for January were from Freelance Photography work as well as from my Milk Allergy Cookbook that I wrote for my son who had a severe anaphylactic milk allergy.

While I can’t quit my day job yet (who am I kidding???  I’m a full time mom of six!  You can’t quit that:)), it’s been a great way to make a little bit extra to help the family and to be able to be seed money for future endeavors.  Small things can become great!

Here is the total Income Report for January 2016:

Income Report January 2016Income Report January 2016Income Report January 2016

What could you do with an extra $224.48 a month?

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